Thursday, April 1, 2010

Layer Cake? April Fools!

Of course I didn't make this "cake" with the intention of actually fooling anyone. So imagine my delight when Melody walked in, saw it, and happily chirped, "Cake!" I asked my 21-month-old if she wanted some. "Yeah."

I fed her a bite and she made a face. Uhhh, mom, why isn't this sugary?

Wanna know how I made the pink "frosting?" I'm dying to tell you! When I started this blog I promised myself I wouldn't use food coloring. Dear readers, I kept my promise. I dyed my mashed potatoes using beet water--the water in which I steamed beets. My original thought was to puree the beets and mashed potatoes together, but once I realized that just the water would do the trick, I didn't need to take that extra step.

My husband showed me this awesome George Carlin bit...check it out, starting at :50 seconds. He does a bit where he can't identify leftovers in the fridge. "Is it meat or is it cake?" 

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  1. Your meatloaf's are always sensational, but Elyse... this one takes the cake!

  2. I love everything about this cake - it's pretty, looks tasty, the classic Italian grandma cake plate and the photo - perfect!

  3. WOW! Awesome job! JC said "That's an awesome April Fool's joke. I would've walked in and said 'Ooo cake! I want some!.... Wait a minute... This cake looks funny..." lol! Great job hon ;) So cute about Melody too lol :)

  4. Beet water! A cake pedestal! Amazing!

    I made gumbo tonight and thought I was the man . . . and found a recipe for buttermilk fried chicken, so thought of you.