Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yoda vs. Darth: Tackle You, I Will

Take your bets. Who would win the Star Wars Superbowl Showdown? We have Yoda from the Rebel Alliance taking on Lord Vader in the flesh--er, metal--representing the Death Star.

Beef, where's the? I omitted the beef and went with ground turkey for today's meatloaf creation. Fine, I admit it, I also threw in some pork for a fat element. And the turkey wasn't for health reasons--I just wanted the meat to be a lighter color for the lil' Jedi dude.

Stumped, I was, when it came to the design. So I turned to Stacy, artist extraordinaire and devoted Star Wars fan, to make a sketch for me. Stacy is used to my weird art requests, like when I made her paint my pregnant belly and she turned out a masterpiece. I asked her how Yoda and Darth would look with football helmets and here's what she whipped up in 15 minutes. Complete with Alliance and Death Star logos!

To make the face masks on the helmet, I piped on a turnip-potato puree. Darth was all about the beans. Luckily, my husband has really been enjoying eating meatloaf smeared with bean paste week after week!

Only a month in, my 6-year-old is already sick of meatloaf. Bored, he's getting. When he saw me working with the ground meat he asked with a whine, "Can't we have meatballs this time?" As for me, I'm starting to run out of ideas for the leftovers. If you have any, please post.

May the meatloaf be with you.


  1. I'll put my money on the little green fellow. Size matters not when one is able to weave in and out, up and down a field! :-)

  2. Leftover ground beef is tricky. I'd see what kinds of casseroles you can come up with, or chilis. Shepherd's pie?

  3. Yoda a force of good? Or does that not even matter when you're a meatloaf?

  4. Not to teach him that whining is rewarded, but maybe Theo can have meatballs next time if you make, like, a pool table or something. I guess you're going to have to do something Valentiney though.