Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the Cheesy Grammy Goes To...

I made this because the Grammy Awards are on tonight, but I don't know 90% of the nominated songs. Clearly I need to get my out of the meatloaf.

OK, tell me it looks like a trumpet after it was used to bash someone in the head--I can take it.

The Grammy posed a few head-scratchers:
1. How the heck do you make gold? (I have a no food coloring rule.)
Answer: You don't. Yellow is close, and cheese is yummy. And the Grammys are friggin' cheesy.

2. How do I make the hollowed out part of the phonograph?
Answer: I admit I'm stupidly proud of this soda can-mold idea.

See the lovely rim I formed from the meat? Sadly, that did not hold up in the baking process. But, good meatloaf lesson learned! Doncha know I'm making all this up as I go along.
3. How do I preserve decent meat sculpting once I pour the cheese sauce on?

Answer: I don't have a good answer, because I wasn't successful here. I had more difficulty controlling the cheese than I expected. Sounds like a good lesson for a culinary institute. "Today's lesson is: Controlling Your Cheese."
I played around with using more breadcrumbs than usual. I wanted dry meat for sculpting and I thought the shape would hold better. I was so excited when my meat easily rolled, like dough! The downside was, I ended up with cracks after it baked. I had to "glue" parts back together with cheese.
For the cheese sauce I made a simple roux and added milk, cream, cheese and salt. I chose a cheese sauce over melting shredded cheese directly on to the meat because I hoped to capture the glimmer of gold. That didn't quite work--maybe if the sauce had been thinner, but then I'd run the risk of it running everywhere.
For the base, I recycled last week's idea of making a paste out of black beans. It's a great "tool" for meatloaf art and I'm sure it will reappear in many of these creations.
If you've read this far, congratulations. Your reward is getting to see what a real Grammy award looks like.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Audacity of Making the President Out of Meatloaf

Happy 1-year anniversary of your inauguration, Mr. Obama!

I made a bean paste by reducing black beans with soy sauce to enrich the black color for the hair and jacket. The soy sauce gave the beans a nice flavor--a bonus!

I kept the meatloaf simple: beef, turkey, onions, eggs, breadcrumbs, and garlic. Obama is quite tasty--who knew?

The eyeballs and shirt are mashed potatoes, and the tie is ketchup.

Photography by Joe Orecchio.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet Bob: Meatbob

Ohhh, who lived in an oven in apartment 1G?
Spongebob Squarepants!
Edible and scrumptious and moist was he
Spongebob Squarepants!
If dining on Spongebob be something you wish
Then get your meatloaf creation onto a dish!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Jan 2010, the first meatloaf creation of the year.

This kind of snowman doesn't melt; he's the snowman freak who's hot, not cold. My little boy was more than happy to eat this guy's head.

Mr. Snowman (RIP) had:
-Raisin eyes and buttons
-Carrot nose
-Turnip puree to color his body white

Superbowl: Shrimp Vs. Meatballs

2008: A second stab at meatloaf art. The meatloaf here was the football. There was also:
-Mashed potatoes covered with pesto for the field
-Asparagus for the goal posts
-A cute cat for effect

Any suggestions on what I should make for this year's Superbowl meatloaf creation?

Evil Dead

This was the first time I fooled around with meatloaf. It was 2007, and my friend Melanie came over to watch Evil Dead.

This lovely lady has:
-Pesto spaghetti hair
-Hard boiled eggs with olives as eyes
-Potato nose
- Pepper mouth
-Almond teeth
-Her blood is marinara sauce