Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the Oscar Goes to: Meatloaf Creations

"If you eat me, you'll like me! You'll really, really like me!"

One of my favorite things about this blog is the weekly collaboration with my husband, Joe, who photographs my work. It was his idea to photoshop my meatloaf into a photo of the real statue. In case it's not obvious, just the part in gold is meatloaf.

The yellow-gold color is a combo of pureed yellow split peas and mashed potatoes. I got a nice pasty texture that allowed me to use a knife to carve out Oscar's muscles. Oscar is a hottie.

I had a lot of fun sculpting him because I played with a new technique. Usually I apply the topping--mashed potatoes, bean paste, etc--after the meatloaf is cooked. This time I decided to bake it on. This caused the juices of the meat to color the areas the knife had cut, helping give Oscar definition. (Oscar is made from ground turkey because I gorged on red meat at an Argentine steakhouse last night.)

Have you ever wondered what Oscar is holding? I had to google it. Turns out he's a knight holding a sword. Who knew?


  1. a knight?! haha awesome :) is there a typical night you make your meatloaf? or does it cycle through any evening?


  2. I know, that doesn't make any sense. What does that have to do with movies?

    Typically Sundays, but I switch it up sometimes.

    Despite some accusations --like from my brother, cough cough-- I do try to still have a life while maintaining this blog. :)