Monday, March 1, 2010

Legend of Zelda Meatloaf

Happy Birthday to My Brother--We Were LINKed By Blood, and Now Meatloaf.

Back in 1989, I used to watch my big brother play The Legend of Zelda on our Nintendo. We watched the cartoon they made out of it, and still quote it in 2010...more frequently than we should admit. Now we're playing the original game together, but on the Wii. We have played Zelda on various gaming systems; we're currently on the latest Nintendo DS version, Spirit Tracks.

Some of my happiest childhood memories involve gaming with my bro. And even though we're now grown with families of our own, when we pick up our controllers (which are wireless--wow), we're kids again.

I have to admit, this may be my favorite meatloaf so far--maybe because I couldn't wait to surprise Elliot with it and thought of his reaction with each element I added to it. This was the first meatloaf I've given away as a gift (I was glad to have a week off from eating it, despite how tasty it is!).

I love you, Ell. Pretty soon our kids will be gaming together.

P.S.Check it out, I'm not the only one to have made Link out of food.

P.P.S. You don't like the meatloaf? Well excuuuuuuuuuse me, princess! Great site for hardcore fans!


  1. This was an amazing present. And even though we had talked about it previously, it was still a surprise. For some reason I thought it would be something bread pudding related.

    Playing video games is just one great part of our brother/sister relationship growing up. Now we will be playing games with our kids! Incredible.

    Thanks again, I love you!

  2. I am highly ashamed to admit that until the PS I could not remember a single line from the show, though I remember the entire theme song. It's incredible, Elyse! I really didn't think it was possible. If someone gave this to me for an occasion, I would FLIP OUT.

    Bread pudding, Elliot? I'll be taking Elyse to school on that someday.

  3. Elyse, you are so hilarious :) I think this is the best figure yet!

  4. Oh, and if you are glad for a meatloaf break now... how will you make it through the year?! We're going to have to find some significant flavor variations for you!